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  • Drones & AI 2.0: Drone Data Analytics

    In our previous article (Drones and Artificial Intelligence) we discussed the principles of intelligent data processing for drones, in order to introduce you to the links between drones and artificial intelligence. One of the most important goals of AI in the drone industry is to make efficient use of large data sets which are collected…

  • The Drone Job Market: What is it and Where is it Going?

    5 min read. By Team DroneII With the industry maturing, the drone job market within it is becoming increasingly complex and more difficult to navigate – companies are competing not only to develop the latest UAV technology, but also to grab the very best engineers out there. More automated and integrated solutions possible for clients, and…

  • The Drone Applications Report 2019

    Are you looking to expand your reach across industries? Or, alternatively, are you considering the adoption of drones into your production system? Do you want to understand how drones have been applied, for what activities, and in what industry? DRONEII is delighted to present you our Drone Applications 2019 report and database. The product Our…

  • The Commercial Drones Industry: Global Outlook 2019

    Happy New Year from DroneII! Hitting the ground running in 2019, we would like to start a timely conversation this year about the key trends in the commercial drone industry to focus on. As the industry consolidates, the market will become a harsher environment as companies race for time and funding to successfully introduce their…

  • Drone Industry Barometer 2018 – The European Drone Market

    Increasing numbers of companies are becoming active in the drone sector. The last few years have seen the development of a real market that provides a diverse range of platforms with specific applications. And the sector is constantly becoming more professional. While projects initially focused primarily on the film and photographic sectors, applications are increasingly

  • Drones and Data Security – a progressive look into the future

    Drone data security is in a very early stage – not in terms of infrastructure and opportunities, but in terms of adoption. Now, let us paint the bigger picture and put drone data security into context. Data security is always temporary – everything is secure, until it isn’t. IT companies find themselves in a constant

  • Biggest Growth Areas in the Drone Market: Surveying and Inspection

    In a recent market survey, experts from the UAV sector analysed and assessed the current situation in the drone market. The survey questioned 350 German and international manufacturers and providers that produce drones or use them professionally. Expert interviews were also conducted and evaluated. The findings shed real light on the UAV market and the

  • The Drone Investment Trends 2018 – The Commercial Drone Market in Numbers

    Drone investment trends are strong indicators to predict the future of the drone industry. The low price of drones and ability to carry sensors, quickly triggered adoption throughout many industries. Meanwhile, the commercial drone market created an entire eco-system attracting large investments. Besides hardware (drones, sensors, ground station, etc.), software solutions and services are also part of it. Since

  • The TOP20 Drone Service Provider Ranking 2018

    Drone service providers have been around for a while now – time for DRONEII.com to showcase the scale on which drones are being put to work today! The commercial drone market changed a lot over the last years – we saw how hardware lost its leading position and has been displaced by drone services and drone

  • The Drone Market Environment Map – These companies will disrupt 2018

    The changes and developments we saw throughout the drone industry in 2017 were incredible and deserve a proper examination. For the most part, the hype that drove so much misunderstanding and frustration in this space is gone,and that’s a good thing. While the kind of hype we’ve seen associated with UAVs can create needed attention, it can also