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  • DJI Drones Reign Supreme

    Stating that drones have become more than toys in this day and age would be a huge understatement. Not only have these unmanned aerial vehicles claimed the number one spot in the hearts of many tech lovers, they also opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities for photographers and vloggers. Over the…

  • Propeller Aero and DJI Join Forces to Launch New PPK Drone Solution

    DENVER, October 30, 2018—Propeller, a cloud-based drone analytics company, today announced a partnership with DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, to create the Propeller PPK Solution leveraging the DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone. This solution provides customers in the civil, mining, aggregates, and waste management industries with a reliable and fully…

  • DJI Is Planning Future IPO

    The widely renowned consumer-drone manufacturer DJI is planning to go public. The company seeks $500 million dollars in investment which will lead to a $15 billion-dollar valuation. The plan to expand its business outside the consumer drones market might be one of the reasons why the Chinese manufacturer is looking to go from private to…

  • DJI Unveils the New Mavic Air

    Somewhere between the Mavic and the foldable Spark (admit it, the Spark was a little disappointing), DJI has revealed the new ultraportable, high-quality camera drone, Mavic Air. Available for pre-order at $799, the Mavic Air boasts some of the best features and capabilities of both the Mavic, and the Spark, as well as a few

  • DJI’s Latest Drone Leaks Ahead of Launch

    by Matt Burns (@mjburnsy) of TechCrunch DJI is supposed to announce a new drone tomorrow but this appears to be it. Called the Mavic Air, the small drone looks to be a combo of foldable Mavic Pro and the affordable Spark. I’m interested. According to DroneDJ, the small drone will have four foldable legs, a 4k camera,

  • Picking a camera drone: How expensive should you go?

    So you want to pick your first drone to start capturing beautiful photos and images like never before. There’s an important distinction you must make when choosing a camera drone, at least if you care for not spending more money than what’s necessary. In this guide I’ll try to help you understand the things you

  • An Open Letter to the UAS Community on Data Security

    by Dave Culler | CEO & Co-Founder at HAZON Solutions HAZON Solutions collects critical information for our customers through the use of unmanned systems. Like you, we recognized from day one that data security is of the upmost importance to our customers and to the entire commercial unmanned ecosystem. Due to the recent article Due…

  • 3DR’s Site Scan Adds 3 New Elevation Viewers

    3DR has been busy lately. They’ve recently added Pix4D processing to their capabilities, and have just announced an upcoming integration with DJI drones. 3DR has a stated aspiration to make Site Scan the complete drone solution for construction and engineering professionals across the world. With that goal in their sights, 3DR has just introduced another set of new

  • DJI Appoints Roger Luo As President Of The Company

    DJI has appointed Roger Luo, previously the Vice President of Operations, as President of the company, effective immediately. Mr. Luo’s role will focus on developing DJI’s business internationally in markets that have seen a significant increase in demand for innovative drone and camera applications. “DJI now has over 11,000 staff worldwide, with offices in 17…

  • DJI, the US Army and ‘Cyber Vulnerabilities’

    A memo – reportedly an official release from the US Army – has been handed to sUAS News. The subject? Halting the use of DJI technology due to ‘Cyber vulnerabilities’. The