DJI Issues Firmware Update to Prevent Hackers Evading Geo

DJI has responded to recent publicity surrounding the hacking of its drones with a firmware update.

It’s no revelation that the Chinese manufacturer has been targeted by hackers in recent weeks. Many are looking to bypass the Geo system that grounds pilots in predetermined no-fly zones and places an altitude limit on flights. Equally, many are revelling in the challenge of taking on the industry leader, actively protesting against the perceived injustice of Geo and highlighting the company’s security flaws in the most public way possible.

Today, DJI has claimed that

a recent firmware update issued for all DJI drones fixes reported issues and ensures DJI’s products continue to provide information and features supporting safe flight.

So should we take it to mean that this is the end of the DIY DJI hack scene? Somehow, we doubt it’s going to be that simple.

Indeed, the statement continues:

DJI will continue to investigate additional reports of unauthorized modifications and issue software updates to address them without further announcement. Unauthorized modifications to the hardware or software of DJI drones may negatively affect their performance. Any damage or malfunction caused by such modifications will not be covered under DJI warranty policies.

A matter of days ago, DJI was quoted as saying that it would

issue software updates to address them [hackers] without further announcement.