Month / June 2017

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  • The Fascinating History of Drones

    You’ve probably already heard about the incredible drone revolution. As drones become more popular, their price is driven down, their technology becomes better and simply put, they become more accessible. But the commercial and consumer drone revolution has both an interesting, a curious and even a more terrifying past – the history of drones is

  • Help us Understand Drone Surveying

    Many leading construction companies and Facilities Managers are reaping the rewards that come with drone surveying, but some are still seeking guidance on how drones help improve their business processes. So say the results of Sky Revolutions’ first interrogation of the market. Their Drone Effectiveness Study was implemented to get a better understanding of what

  • Drone registration rules set to change in Dubai

    If you were so far undecided whether to register your drone with Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, now is the time to make up your mind and make the call. As per the…

  • Are you a budding drone photographer?

    Commercial drone flights are still an expanding segment of the industry. Consequently, the laws and regulations are continually being amended and updated to reflect the current global understanding of potential risks to…